Perfectly said. This lack of creative freedom in paid content writing is a realization I came to very quickly after my first handful of clients. I naively went into my first paid gig thinking the client would simply give me a topic and I'd be off to craft that piece however I saw fit. …

This week’s edition of Rant of the Week is all about underwear with no fly and how much they suck.

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Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky. I’ve noticed lately that I’m finding many seemingly insignificant things in life that send me into an over-reactive rage. I thought, why not use my platform to tell everyone about the minor irritations in life that piss me off? In this inaugural edition of my Rant of the Week, I will bitch about underwear with no fly.

Seriously, who thought this was a good idea? Men’s underwear is a garment of function, not fashion. How am I supposed to use a urinal while wearing these abominable creations?

The Backstory

Several months ago, I needed some…

Why this self-professed Apple “fanboy” is in the midst of an affair with his main-squeeze’s arch nemesis.

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I was seduced by Apple.

Over the last few years, I’ve fallen deeper into the vast and ever-growing Apple ecosystem. Stage one of my transformation into an Apple power-user was when I handed in my Motorola Android phone in exchange for an iPhone 8.

I was immediately smitten with the simplicity of the operating system. I was impressed by just how fast the phone continued to operate after several months of use — something I could not say about the various Android phones I had owned. I’ve since upgraded to an iPhone XR, which I’ve now had for two years.

Ever forget your auto-filled password? Maybe you want to change the text color on a page to make it more readable? Making quick changes like this is simple for anyone!

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Webpages are nothing more than lines of code. There are three primary pieces used in virtually any website you visit: HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript. This is not a blog post for in-depth learning, so I will not go too in-depth into these. Nevertheless, we will take a very brief look at what they are.

HTML — HTML defines the structure of a web page. This markup language is used to put the content onto the page. …

Every night during sleep our bodies become paralyzed… sometimes we wake up in this state.

By Henry Fuseli — wartburg.eduimage, Public Domain,

You open your eyes to find yourself cozily tucked into your bed. The warmth of the blankets’ embrace makes you feel secure. Safe. The glow of the almost, but not quite, risen sun seeps between the curtains, casting a soft, bluish light throughout the room. You’re ready to climb out of bed and begin your morning routine.

But suddenly, you realize that you can’t get up. Not only can you not get up, but you cannot so much as set a single finger in motion. Panic sets in, as you realize that you are completely paralyzed. Unable to create any…

Are you occasionally a bit of a sellout as a writer? Good! There is no shame in writing with the intent of garnering mass appeal for your work.

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I recently wrote a story called “Listicles Really Do Suck… Here Are My Top 4 Reasons.” I’ve linked that story at the bottom of this one should you decide that you’d like to check it out. In this story, I pointed out that despite my distaste for the listicle writing format, I do still write some of them from time to time. Furthermore, I made the claim that in doing so, I am in essence being a bit of a sellout and writing these types of articles simply because I know that they perform well. And you know what? …

Having kids has a way of changing your level of enjoyment for certain forms of entertainment.

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I’m a huge fan of Stephen King’s work. The author has written so many timeless, classic horror novels such as “It” and “The Shining,” that have kept me up at night with visions of ghosts, murderers and killer clowns poking and prodding at my imagination. While many of his book-to-film adaptations have been not so great, one of my favorite horror movies ever was the 1989 adaptation of “Pet Sematary.” I said ‘was’ rather than ‘is’, because suddenly over the past few months I have discovered that this film is no longer one that I can stomach to watch. The…

In these monthly income reports, I’m not going to tell you exactly how much I make…

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I get it. Medium is filled with people talking about how much they earn. Countless stories here talk about how you can make $200 per month, or how you can increase your earnings by [insert specific monetary total].

But what do those numbers mean, really? Everyone’s personal financial situation is different. $100 may seem like a good amount to some, while to others it’s such a small drop in their financial bucket that it’s hardly worth mentioning. So instead, I’m going to be transparent without giving out my actual numbers. Instead, I’m going to be reporting my Medium earnings in…

The list-based article is overdone and played out. Yet, I will continue to write them. So will you.

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Top 10 Movies of 2020. The 5 Most Underrated Vacation Destinations in the World. The 7 Worst Side Effects of Accidentally Swallowing A 1923-Minted Buffalo Nickel.

Every day we are bombarded with these articles, one more ridiculous than the next, whose sole intent is to list or rank just about any mundane thing that can possibly be put into list form. These list articles, known as listicles, are only increasing in popularity and there is no merciful end in sight. What’s even more rage-inducing are those websites that make the reader click “next” to see each item in their unimportant…

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